We raise our hands to Tracy Charlie for providing this picture of p̓aačiidʔaaʔtx territory 

South Island Indigenous Authority is a not-for-profit society registered in our province under the B.C. Societies Act.

As a society, it is governed by a Board of Directors. For SIIA, our Board of Directors is composed of a representative from each of our eight First Nations, as well as three urban Indigenous agencies. These three agencies are considered to be the major service providers for child and family services to our urban Indigenous community, and to not have a direct governance link to our member First Nations.

Our current governance direct links to the governance of our Nations and Agencies is seen as a strength as we move through the initial planning for SIIA. At the same time, we recognize we will need to review as we move closer to becoming an authority administering programs, ensuring there are no direct conflicts of interest built into the governance as we move to provide services in our communities.