Over the past two years, South Island Indigenous Authority has funded community-based initiatives that support health and safety for families in community. The initiatives funded have varied as communities have advocated for their priorities and needs. Occasionally, we hear stories that demonstrate a higher level of commitment and achievement. We also know that making these commitments come with a real financial cost. 

Joseph Seward Jr. is a member of Tsartlip First Nation and he has committed to playing and training at the Real Madrid Academy in Spain. Joseph’s family is supporting him financially to achieve this dream. The SIIA commitment to support this was championed by outgoing Community Engagement Lead, Margaret Charlie. Margaret is also a council member for Songhees Nation and believer in supporting our children by removing barriers to success. 

SIIA will be finalizing our Community Fund program for this year and continue to look to our leadership for further positive ways that we can support communities.

“Highlighted a number of times [in community] was the importance of giving children and youth the opportunity to “stay busy.” Community members noted that the risk of getting in trouble increases when kids have nothing to do and emphasized the importance of structurally ensuring that children and youth always have opportunities to fill their free time with good and positive things. This includes sports like soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, as well as cultural activities like crafting, dancing and singing.”

PADDLING TOGETHER FOR JURISDICTION: A Community Technical Document (SIIA, 2023)
SIIA team members with Joe and Bonnie Seward